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Front-end Development

You dream it, we build it. Our highly skilled front-end developers specialize in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. We have everything you need to go from idea to implementation.

Responsive Web Design

We always keep a keen eye on speed and usability when developing sites. We make sure the site is responsive and working across multiple platforms and devices.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping is the best way to quickly deliver on your wishes without ever compromising on usability or performance, because the mock-up can be directly implemented on the site as a final design.

WordPress & CMS Integration

We build custom WordPress solutions using the latest development best practices. Implementation can be tailor made to suit your clients' unique ideas and individual needs for content control.


Made in Poland with deep understanding of the British and Scandinavian markets


We have worked on amazing projects with some of the greatest companies in Europe. From minor creative niche sites to massive total package solutions.


Our wide range of experience is a great tool in our quality assurance. We have someone who knows your market, knows your niche and can deliver just what you need.


We enter both white label and outsourcing partnerships. We can be the extra boost to your organization's skillset, or an add-on to offer your clients.

Tomasz Bujnowicz, Founder & Front-end Developer at Prollective

We’re a collective of handpicked web specialists who work together to craft beautiful, engaging digital experiences. We’re passionate about what we do and we take pride in delivering only the best.
Tomasz Bujnowicz, Founder & Front-end Developer at Prollective


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Front-end & WordPress Development
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Elisa Sednaoui Foundation

Front-end & WordPress Development
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Take The Initiative

Front-end & WordPress Development
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Sjulle Art

Front-end & WordPress Development
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Next Play Capital

Front-end & WordPress Development in collaboration with Boldium
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Happy Partners


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We like establishing mutually beneficial partnerships. Whether you are in it for a single project or long term cooperation, we will go the extra mile to keep you and your clients happy.

It is a simple formula that makes our work so much more enjoyable for both you and us.

We are always looking for talented people with a passion for client satisfaction to join our collective.

E-mail: tomasz@prollective.com
Skype: tomasz.bujnowicz

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